How to Pack for Long Term Travel

how to pack for long term travel
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Here it is… you’ve planned for months for your long vacation.  You’ve booked everything down to the free walking tour that you’ll be going on (or maybe you haven’t booked anything and you’re just going to wing it).  You are, ready.  But… you still have to figure out how to pack for long term travel.  The last daunting task ahead of you.  You’re worried about packing too little, after all, nobody wants to be continuously sitting in a laundromat doing laundry when there is so much world to explore.  But you also don’t want to pack too much, you don’t want to be the person who can’t manage their own luggage.  You want to pack just right.  And after many packing mistakes, I’ve finally mastered the art of packing and realized that there is a smart way to pack for a long vacation.


How to Pack for Long Term Travel


Start with… Basics…

When packing for long term travel you always want to start by packing basics because you can wear these items over and over with different accessories to switch up your looks.  You’ll want to pack your most classic jeans, white t-shirts, black t-shirts, etc.  Don’t let this deter you from bringing a fun, printed piece though.  I usually pack plain t-shirts and jeans along with one fun piece to liven up my wardrobe.

Expert tip:  I packed multiple pieces of basics when I spent 8-weeks in Europe solo.  However, without realizing it I seemed to have packed all basics with some form of black and white stripes.  all of my basics seemed to have some version of black and white stripes.  I didn’t even realize it until my friend pointed it out to me… “Um did you bring any other clothes besides the same stripes that I keep seeing in your pictures?”  Make sure to pack a variety of basics!


Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Jumpsuit and/or Romper…

Do you realize that a jumpsuit and/or romper is an entire outfit in one?!  I truly can’t think of anything more fitting for someone who is going on a long vacation.  The power of only taking one outfit allows for so much more to fit in your bag.  Throw in a couple of these and it will be your saving grace.


It’s All About the Accessories…

When thinking about packing accessories, you may think, “But doesn’t that take up valuable room?”  To which I would say, if you do it correctly, packing accessories have the power to change your entire wardrobe without taking up much room.  And in fact, it makes my list of “long term travel essentials“.  All of those simple and basic t-shirts you’ve packed suddenly cant be turned into two or three different outfits paired with a different scarf, headbands/scrunchies, sunglasses, etc.

There is a smart way to pack accessories.  And if you do it correctly… all of those basic t-shirts you brought will look like totally different “outfits”.  An example of some “smart” accessories to pack includes different printed scarves, belts, headbands, and sunglasses.  Look for light items that can be rolled up teeny tiny.  Some not so smart accessories to pack would be chunky necklaces, multiple purses, etc.  I do usually pack one chunky necklace and one purse but no more.  I find that these items tend to be heavy and take up more room.

Hats can also change up an outfit.  Hard to pack, I usually carry one or two hats with me.  It isn’t very glamorous but I find that it’s worth it to have a variety.


How to Pack for Long a Long Trip When You’re Packing for Different Seasons…

If you choose to travel during the summer, you’re going to have more room and will probably be able to pack more clothes.  You won’t be carting around heavy coats, jeans, and boots.  On the other hand, however, if you’re packing for winter things can get tricky.  You’ll be required to pack boots and heavy coats that weigh more and take up more room.  One tip I always follow is to wear my heaviest items on the airplane to make my room in my bag and to ensure that my bag isn’t overweight.  However, I don’t tend to over-pack these things.  You will more than likely only need one coat and one pair of boots no matter what you might convince yourself.  And if you’re worried about getting a variety of pictures, you can always take off your coat and cut your boots out of the photo.

If you’re planning on being gone for two different seasons or going to different parts of the world where you’ll experience both hot and cold, things can get tricky!  When I took a five-month hiatus off of work and spent 17-weeks traveling through Europe and Asia, I had to get creative so that I didn’t overpack.  I started in cold weather and moved to warm weather so I only packed cold weather items in my bag (along with a summer romper that didn’t take up much room).  I made sure that all of these items were cheap and I was okay leaving them behind in Europe when I moved onto Asia.  Once I arrived in Asia I went shopping to buy cheap summer clothes.  You may think it’s sad to leave stuff behind but remember these are all materialistic things that can be re-bought.  You do not want to overpack and bring more than one suitcase.


More Packing Insight…

1. H&M and Forever21 (both affordable stores) can be found in almost every single country.  If you’re bored with your clothes or want new accessories you can always find one of these stores and buy something cheap.

2. Always remember to leave room in your suitcase for that, “ONE THING YOU CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT IN THAT QUAINT TOWN IN ITALY THAT MAKES YOU THINK OF VINO AND PASTA AND THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE”.  Seriously, there’s always one souvenir that you’re going to end up wanting to take home with you.


Long term travel is fun and exciting.  And learning how to pack for long term travel is also fun and exciting.  Don’t let the fear of packing keep you from booking that trip.  I’m curious, what other tips do you have for packing long term?  Sound off in the comments below!


For more insight into packing for long term travel, read:  My 10-Week Packing List for Europe in Winter


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    Great advice and article!! Now if I could just get away for three months I could try it out??

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    August 24, 2018 / 10:49 pm

    I need to come with you now that I know how to pack!!

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