Passports and Preemies Talks (Season 1)


Passports and Preemies Talks is a podcast about life, travel, nursing, and travel nursing. Kylee candidly talks about the ups and downs of being a nurse, why and how to maximize travel to prevent nurse burnout, and highlights affordable vacations for nurses. Tuning in is guaranteed to be a good time with or without a little bit of wine.


EPISODE 11 – Why You Should Visit Portugal

In the season finale, Kylee recaps her trip to Portugal, discussing the best parts of the country, and things she wishes she had planned differently.  Kylee is also joined by her brother Sam for a rapid fire interview where Sam spills his favorite and least favorite parts about traveling with Kylee.

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EPISODE 10 – Why You Should Consider Traveling Solo on Your Next Trip

This week, Kylee focuses on why you should consider solo travel on your next vacation.  Kylee talks about the 5 biggest lessons she’s learned from traveling the world alone, shares her struggle with anxiety, and encourages you to follow your dreams.

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EPISODE 9 – Summer Travel Inspiration for 2022

This week Kylee shares the destinations that on are on the top of her bucket list for European summer travels this year.  Kylee shares obvious destinations like Greece and Spain, but she also shares destinations that fly under the radar like Slovenia and Albania.

As always, all destinations are affordable and suit budgets for every nurse out there.


EPISODE 8 – 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Nurse

On this weeks podcast, Kylee talks about 10 things that she wished she knew before getting into the nursing field.  From hard days, to fun memories with co-workers at 3 in the morning, nurse bullies, and how nursing school does the least amount to prepare you for becoming a bedside nurse, this episode shines a spotlight on the real issues that nurses face.

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EPISODE 7 – How to Make Smart Decisions Around Money So You Can Travel More

This week Kylee talks all about how to make smart decisions around money so you can travel more!  Addressing the question, “How can you afford to travel so much?”, Kylee discusses her top 4 tips/pieces of advice when it comes to saving money.

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EPISODE 6 – 10 Affordable Countries Every Nurse Should Visit

On this episode, Kylee shares 10 countries that every nurse should visit!  These countries are based off of affordability, safety, and more highlighting more off the beaten path destinations.

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EPISODE 5 – The Highs and Lows of Travel Nursing

Splashed on social media, travel nursing can seem like the best thing in the world.  But the reality is, it isn’t always rainbows and butterflies.  This week Kylee talks about the highs and lows that come with being a travel nurse, and she holds nothing back.


EPISODE 4 – Why You Should Visit Nashville + Tips for a Successful Girls Trip

In this episode Kylee talks about her weekend getaway to Nashville with her friend Nicole.  Kylee recaps the best parts about Nashville, giving you insider details to which restaurants to visit, why Broadway is overrated, and more.  Plus she talks about how to plan and execute a successful girls trip.

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EPISODE 3 – 10 Tips for New Travel Nurses

Going from staff nurse to travel nurse can be scary, challenging, and overwhelming.  Having been a travel nurse for 5 years, I’m sharing with you my best tips for first time travel nurses.

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EPISODE 2 – Why You Should Travel to Paris

This week Kylee discusses traveling solo to Paris.  She shares how much it cost her to visit Paris alone, how to plan for a trip, and the 5 best things to see and do in Paris to have a magical trip.  Kylee also discusses why women should romanticize their own lives and be their own best cheerleader.

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EPISODE 1 – How Passports and Preemies Came to Be

Kylee is a NICU nurse who discusses how her blog, Passports and Preemies, came to fruition through her five month solo travel journey across Europe and Southeast Asia.  Kylee shares how much money she saved to spend five months abroad, the time she got drunk off of martini’s, texted a random guy and ended up in Italy for three weeks, singing Taylor Swift karaoke in Florence with strangers until 3 am, and having no chill when she thought she met her next boyfriend in Thailand.  The episode wraps with a message on not being afraid to chase after your dreams and to get out there and live your life.  You only have one after all.