Passports and Preemies Talks (Season 2)


Passports and Preemies Talks is a podcast about life, travel, nursing, and travel nursing. Kylee candidly talks about the ups and downs of being a nurse, why and how to maximize travel to prevent nurse burnout, and highlights affordable vacations for nurses. Tuning in is guaranteed to be a good time with or without a little bit of wine.


EPISODE 1 – What Happened in Saudi Arabia?

Season 2 kicks off with Kylee discussing – what happened in Saudi Arabia?!  Kylee was on a one-year nursing contract in Riyadh when suddenly, her contract was canceled after only being there for four months.  Kylee discusses the complexities of working in Saudi Arabia and ends the podcast episode with an open letter she wrote to the doctor that had her fired.  Trust me when I tell you – this is a juicy one, filled with drama from start to finish.

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EPISODE 2 – Nursing Entrepreneurship with Emily Cheng

This week I sit down with Emily Cheng – RN, BSN, CEO, and co-founder of MedVenture; an app designed to unite traveling healthcare professionals through community, resources, and tools.  Emily and I discuss the importance of failure, the importance of creating community as traveling healthcare professionals, and Emily shares some incredibly inspiring advice that gave me goosebumps.  She also shares the hardest part about starting MedVenture and shares some exciting news – MedVenture is hosting a camp this summer (you can register here)!

This is an episode you will definitely want to listen to if you’re interested in creating community as a traveler, entrepreneurship, or creating your own brand as a nurse.


EPISODE 3 – What ELSE Happened in Saudi Arabia?

This episode, Kylee is back to discuss the most asked question she recieves – “What ELSE happened in Saudi Arabia?”.  Kylee shares both the positives and negatives to working and living in the Kingdom – apart from the work drama.  Kylee also discusses how one of her viral posts led her to believe she might be going to prison and what Saudi hospitality truly means.


EPISODE 4 – Q+A All Things Travel, Nursing, & Life!

This week Kylee answers questions asked by her audience!  Tune in for a bit of education and a lot of fun as Kylee discusses what it’s like to be a new grad nurse, why she hates the grocery stores in Paris, and the time she spent the night in jail (don’t tell her employer).


EPISODE 5 – Life as an Army Wife & How Nursing Aides in the Ability to Move Around with Jacquie

This week I talk with Jacquie from @journeyby_jacq and this episode is EVERYTHING.  Jacquie and I talk in depth about what it’s like being an army wife and moving around for your husband, how the flexibility of nursing has allowed her to maintain a job despite living in Europe, and how you can get a job as a civilian nurse at an army hospital abroad.  Jacquie and I also discuss the shift from bedside to creating a travel brand and how she’s managed to land incredible opportunities by working as a photographer for hotels.

If you’re someone who’s married to someone in the army, interested in working abroad or shifting work to social media, this episode is for you.


EPISODE 6 – Nursing & Travel ICKS

This week Kylee shares all of her nursing and travel ICKS.  Inspired by TikTok, Kylee deep dives into the things that make her cringe in the nursing world and the travel world.  A pizza party because you’re short staffed?  ICK.  No toilet paper at your Airbnb?  ICK, ICK.  This is a light episode that will make you laugh and keep you entertained!


EPISODE 7 – The Best Travel Reward Credit Cards & How to Redeem Points with Brie Barker

In this episode, Kylee sits down with Brie from @brieoutofoffice to talk about all things travel credit cards, how to redeem points, why you shouldn’t open an airline or hotel credit card (first), and Brie’s epic trip to Ireland where she’s staying in a castle FOR FREE (thanks to her points).  Not only is Brie knowledgable on all things credit cards and points, but she’s also a lawyer based in Kansas, with a passion for traveling and helping others see the world – using points.

This episode is for those who are interested in diving deeper into travel, and want to do so more affordably, by using points to stay in fancy hotels and take free international flights.


EPISODE 8 – A Recap of 3 Months in Paris

This week Kylee chast all about her past three months in the magical city of PARIS.  How she healed and moved on from the trauma of Saudi Arabia, what it was like to spend Christmas and New Years in France, tips for long distance relationships, plus some of her favorite restaurant discoveries in Paris this time around.


EPISODE 9 – NICU Tips for New Grad Nurses with Courtney Franklin

This week Courtney from @melanin.and.medicine comes on the podcast to share all of her best tips for new grad NICU nurses!  Courtney and Kylee discuss the highs and lows of the NICU, bath time in the NICU (Kylee hates it, Courtney loves it), supporting new grads, and showing compassion for parents going through the unimagineable.  Kylee and Courtney also  discuss mistakes they’ve made as nurses and deep dive into infant loss and how to help parents through it.


EPISODE 10 – Shifting Your Mindset from Staff Nurse to Travel Nurse

This week as Kylee transitions back into the world of travel nursing, she shares her top tips for shifting your mindset from staff nurse to travel nurse.  Kylee also reads a letter she wrote back in 2021 when she quit travel nursing, certain that she would never go back.  Being able to reminisce on five years of travel nursing has Kylee both anxious and excited about her future in travel nursing.


EPISODE 11 – Why You Should Be a Travel Nurse in Seattle

This week Kylee talks about why you should be a travel nurse in Seattle!  She discusses her favorite (and least favorite) aspects about Seattle.  The weather, boys, food, wine, hikes, all of it!  Having lived in Seattle on and off for a year and a half, Kylee knows this city in and out.  She discusses where to live, the best restaurants to eat at, day trips to take and more.  Plus Kylee discusses launching group trips in Seattle which will come in August of 2023.


EPISODE 12 – 7 Years of Nursing in Saudi Arabia with Kristine MacMillan

This week Kristine is behind the mic talking about her time as a nurse working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  Kylee and Kristine discuss the intricacies of being a westerner in Saudi Arabia, why it’s so challenging to work there, but also how incredibly warm and welcoming the people of Saudi Arabia are.  Kylee grills Kristine on her favorite and least favorite travel destinations, inspiring her to consider some countries she’s never thought of visiting.

Kristine is incredibly candid and open talking about her travel experiences and her experiences working in Saudi Arabia.  You can find Kristine on Instagram and on her blog Kristine Wanders.