Passports and Preemies Talks (Season 3)


Passports and Preemies Talks is a podcast about life, travel, nursing, and travel nursing. Kylee candidly talks about the ups and downs of being a nurse, why and how to maximize travel to prevent nurse burnout, and highlights affordable vacations for nurses. Tuning in is guaranteed to be a good time with or without a little bit of wine.


EPISODE 1 – Failing the NCLEX, Abruptly Quitting Bedside Nursing, Making Money Online, & Moving to Germany with Attaliah Strubel

This week I’m joined by Attaliah Strubel, former NICU nurse and business coach.  Attaliah and I discuss failing at things – specifically the time that she failed the NCLEX.  We also discuss what led her to abruptly quit bedside nursing, meeting her German husband in Thailand, moving to Germany to start a life, and transitioning to making money online.  We deep dive into having a money mindset, why nurses should stop posting on Instagram for free, and and why your biggest power as a creative is being able to say “no”.

This episode is for you if you’ve ever failed in life, if you’ve failed the NCLEX, if you’re considering quitting bedside nursing and want to make money online, how to start asking brands for money, and general anecdotes about life.


EPISODE 2 – How Much I Got Paid As a Staff Nurse, Travel Nurse, & International Nurse

This week I’m talking with you about how much I have gotten paid as a a staff nurse, travel, nurse, and international nurse.  Plus I discuss how much every travel nurse should be getting paid and my thoughts on pay working in Saudi Arabia.

This episode was brought to you by Fusion Marketplace.  If you’re interested in becoming a travel nurse – or you’re a travel nurse wanting more transparency – fill out a Traveler Profile today.


EPISODE 3 – Working as an RN in the UK with Melissa Laverty

This week I’m sitting down to talk with Meliss from @meliss.meetsworld where we discuss working as an RN in England!  Meliss is from the US and her and her husband moved to England to pursue a life abroad.  Meliss and I discuss how she got started working as an RN in England, how much she gets paid, and the highs and lows of working for the NHS.

Meliss is so candid and open about her experience.  This episode is for you if you’re a registered nurse looking to pursue international nursing in the UK.

Check out Meliss’s website!