Afternoon Tea at The Globe in Riyadh

the globe in riyadh
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One of the most fun afternoon activities in Riyadh is to head to The Globe for their fancy afternoon tea experience.  Riyadh is notorious for being hot at all hours during the day so it can be challenging to find an afternoon activity that will keep you nice and cool (that isn’t shopping); and visiting The Globe during the day is a fun way to pass your afternoon!


Afternoon Tea at The Globe in Riyadh


When to Visit The Globe for Tea

The Globe serves afternoon tea every Friday and Saturday from 3 pm-6 pm.  I suggest making a reservation ahead of time, and trying to book yourself at 4:30 pm to get a good hour and a half experience.  If you can’t reserve at 4:30 I suggest booking later versus earlier so that you can watch the sunset over the Riyadh skyline.

You can book reservations here.


What to Wear for Tea at The Globe

Afternoon tea at The Globe is a rather fancy experience.  I made the mistake of wearing jeans and was seriously underdressed.  I suggest wearing slacks, linen pants, a long dress or skirt with a nice blouse.  Remember, Saudi Arabia is very conservative so make sure to keep your knees and shoulders covered.  An abaya and/or a hijab is not required or expected.


Cost of Afternoon Tea at The Globe

Riyadh is a relatively expensive city, and having afternoon tea at The Globe is no exception.  I will say, however, that I thought the price was fair for the amount of food that you get and for the experience.  The cost of high tea is around $70 (260 SAR) for all food and tea.  The cost of water and any other drinks is not included in the price.

Tipping is not expected in Saudi Arabia, but is always appreciated.


What to Expect

The Globe is inside the Al Faisaliah Hotel.  Once you arrive to the hotel, you’ll show security your reservations for The Globe.  You’ll then be escorted to an elevator where you’ll be delivered to the highest restaurant in Riyadh.

Once the doors open you’ll be welcomed with a beautiful array of food – everything from sushi to dessert. You’ll be escorted to your table where the server will explain a little bit about how the process works.  You can order your tea and help yourself to all of the food on display.  And not only are you free to the food on display, but you’ll also be given trays of bite sized sandwiches and desserts that will be dropped off at your table.

Once you’ve finished with your experience, make sure to ask where the viewing deck is so that you can go outside and get incredible views of the Riyadh skyline.  This experience is especially cool at night when the city is all lit up!


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