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Hoi An, Vietnam

Hi friends!  I’m Kylee, a solo traveler, NICU nurse, and creator of the “8 Day Vacay”.  I aim to prevent nurse burnout by traveling, acting as a resource and inspiration for solo travelers and nurses everywhere.  Only one year into my career as a nurse I began to feel burned out.  Still loving my job and not wanting to quit, I would often times dread going into work.  Wondering how some nurses stayed in the profession for 30+ years, I realized that there has to be more.

Two years after I became a NICU nurse I quit my permanent staff job in Kansas City and took my first assignment as a travel nurse in Omaha, NE.  While I was feeling less burned out, I still had the craving that there was something else out there.  Finally in 2017 I took a break from travel nursing as I landed a volunteer position with Project Hope working in the NICU in Skopje, Macedonia.  It’s there that started Passports and Preemies and realized my love of solo travel.  For eight weeks I was able to work on educating the nurses in the hospital while being able to travel solo throughout Europe on the weekends.  What I found most interesting is that while I was working more hours at the hospital I felt less burned out.   realized that by traveling and taking care of myself outside of work I started to thrive at work.

While travel has helped me get back to the hospital and be a better nurse, I realize that travel won’t help everyone.  I believe that each person should find what it is that they love, what sets their soul on fire, and pursue it with all they have.  If we as nurses begin to take care of ourselves outside of the hospital, we will begin to thrive inside the hospital.  And when we do that we’ll be able to change the entire culture and take better care of our patients.

Working as a Volunteer Nurse in Skopje, Macedonia

The aim of Passports and Preemies is to encourage, motivate, and provide resources on travel and nursing.  Plus prove to you that nurse burnout is a real and powerful thing that can be prevented.


Since this journey began I’ve had the privilege of visiting 30/195 countries, 3/7 continents, 31/50 states, and taking eight travel nurse assignments from coast to coast across the USA.  From the bedside and beyond, I’m here to share real experiences of travel and nursing.


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