The Best Restaurants (in Riyadh) on Hungerstation

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Hungerstation is the go-to delivery service in Saudi Arabia.  Originally created in the Kingdom, Hungerstation operates in more than 80 cities in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, partnering with over 10,000 restaurants.  Because I’m living in a hotel in Riyadh, (with a very small kitchen), I have had my fair share of ordering from Hungerstation.  Below you’ll find my favorite restaurants to order from and which foods I do/don’t recommend.  (Please note, I haven’t been to any of these restaurants, I’ve only had food delivered from them so I can’t speak to the restaurant experience).


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The Best Restaurants on Hungerstation

Before starting, make sure to download the Hungerstation app so that you can easily order on the go.  Put your home address in (and save it!) to make ordering that much easier.  If you’re a first time user you can use code “@EAEON8” for 10 SAR off your first purchase.


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Albaik is a fast food chicken joint that was started in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  If you’re American, I would compare Albaik to being as good as Chick-fil-A… but with more options.  While the chicken nuggets and fries are subpar, the double baik burger is out of this world.  You can add spice (recommend) and make sure to get an extra cocktail sauce to dip your burger in.


Buffalo Wild Wings

I’m hesitant to put an American food chain on this post, but I’m a big fan of wings and the Buffalo Wild Wings in Saudi Arabia is much better than the Buffalo Wild Wings back in the states.  When I’m missing home (which is often), Buffalo Wild Wings is my go to order.  I’ve tried a bunch of things on the menu, but I keep returning to the boneless wings in Asian zing sauce, potato wedges, and the buffalo mac and cheese (which can be a hit or a miss).


Earth Bowlz

If you’re craving a healthier option, Earth Bowlz is a great choice.  You can choose between chicken bowlz, seafood bowlz, meat bowlz, keto bowlz, or veggie bowlz.  Each bowl has a variety of vegetables included and a calorie count if you’re interested.  One of my favorite choices is the Lebanese chicken fatteh bowl.


Mama Noura

If you’re looking for shawarma, Mama Noura is the way to go.  I prefer the chicken plate that comes with chicken, fries, pickles, garlic sauce, and a type of pita bread to make a sandwich.  By the way, I highly recommend ordering an extra garlic plate because it is THAT good.



Pokai is another one of my go-to “healthier option” picks when I’m trying to pack in more protein and vegetables.  Pokai is a poke restaurant where you can build your own poke bowl or choose from signature items.  You can choose any type of base from rice to zucchini noodles so you have a lot of flexibility based on your health wants/needs.  There are also salads to choose from too.


So Souffle

If you ever have a craving for chocolate – So Souffle should be your GO TO.  I was hesitant to get warm soufflés as a takeout treat, but they arrived in tact, warm, and incredibly delicious.  I was a bit disappointed by the Carmel flavor but the chocolate and Nutella were out of this world.


If you’re new to Saudi Arabia or just catching onto Hungerstation, I hope that you’ve found this post helpful in terms of where to start.  A restaurant delivery service that has 10,000 different restaurants to choose from can be quiet daunting when you’re just getting started!


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