The Ultimate Guide to Le Marais in Paris

Le Marais in Paris
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Paris, or, “The city of lights” has the reputation of being one of the most romantic cities in the world with impeccable culture, art, wine, and food to drool for.  Walking through Paris is a treat in itself, with every turn taking you down streets lined with cafés and boulangeries.  One of the best parts about Paris is that it’s quite diverse with each pocket feeling different than the last.

Paris is made up of 20 different neighborhoods, known as arrondissements, and the area that occupies the third and fourth arrondissement – Le Marais – has got to be one of the most beloved areas in the city.

Not only is Le Marais centrally located making it an ideal place to base yourself to explore the rest of the city.  But Le Marais also has an incredible restaurant scene, nightlife, museums, and shopping!  While I would urge you to visit other arrondissements in Paris (especially Montmartre), anything you could ever want is located right in Marais.


The Ultimate Guide to Le Marais in Paris


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Where to Stay in Le Marais

When people ask me, “Where should I stay in Paris?” Le Marais is the first neighborhood that comes to mind.  The Marais is central, has tons of restaurants and bars, and loads of museums and shopping to check out.  I’ve previously stayed at 9Confidentiel and would highly recommend it.  The location is perfect, near so many great outdoor cafes, bars, and restaurants.  However, for more options in the Marais – across a wide range of budgets – make sure to read:  15 of the Best Hotels in Le Marais.


The Best Restaurants in Le Marais

Dining in France is an experience in itself.  The French take their time, ordering slowly and sometimes choosing to drink a bottle of wine before they even start with appetizers.  Because it isn’t custom to tip in France, (servers make a fair living wage), it oftentimes feels like service is “slow”, but truly – it’s just how it is in France!  So take a seat, relax, and enjoy your meal minute by minute without rushing out of there.

It’s also important to note, at peak travel times, it can be hard to get into some of the more popular restaurants.  I highly recommend making reservations ahead of time if you find somewhere you really want to go.  (For more restaurant recommendations outside of The Marais, click here).





Located around Paris and with an option in Le Marais, in my opinion, Breizh Café is the ideal restaurant to grab a table outside at lunchtime, order a glass of wine, and try traditional French crepes and galettes.  There are tons of options from galettes stuffed with meats, cheeses, fish, or veggies; making it a great option for everyone.



Carette is a Parisian staple with different cafes located all around the city.  It’s the perfect spot if you want to stop for a glass of wine or a coffee and have a pastry before dinner (this is common practice in France).  I only recommend Carette for a sweet treat or a light breakfast.



Chez Alain Miam Miam is a sandwich shop (not your average sandwich shop), and the perfect place to stop for lunch after a busy day exploring The Marais.  While there’s almost always a queue, I promise it’s worth it to wait around and try one of these amazing sandwiches stuffed with meats and cheeses.



Chez Paul is one of my favorite French restaurants in Paris.  It is quintessentially French with old decor, a telephone hooked up to a cable cord, a lively atmosphere, and an affordable menu.  The food is incredible, shining a light on the complexity and depth of French cuisine.  I highly recommend ending your meal with the chocolate profiteroles.  (To dive deeper into the French pastry scene, check out this post!).



L’As du Fallafel is a cheap and simple eatery in the heart of Marais.  The restaurant places an emphasis on Israeli cuisine serving big plates of falafels, shawarma, and kebabs.  It’s perfect for takeaway or if you’re looking for a quick and casual meal.



Le Mary Celeste is a neighborhood hot-spot known for its breezy, laid-back vibes, and delicious cuisine.  They have a large bar so it’s a good spot for drinks and oysters, dinner, or even an after dinner cocktail.


If you’re interested in checking out a local food market, don’t miss Marche des Enfants Rouges, located in The Marais!


The Best Bars in Le Marais

It’s no secret that Paris knows its nightlife scene.  And Le Marais is definitely one of the best areas if you’re looking to go out whether you want to grab casual, laid-back drinks or go all out.  From speakeasies, to top cocktail bars, and even clubs, these are the best places to go in Le Marais once the sun goes down.



Andy Wahloo is a riot of a time, and draws a funky, unique crowd.  It’s the kind of place where you can stay out late listening to music and dancing, or cozy up to the bar.  There’s even an outdoor patio to relax on!



Paris knows its speakeasy’s and Candelaria is a vibe.  Located in the back of a Mexican restaurant, when you walk in, the place doesn’t seem like anything special.  However, once you advance past the back door you’re let into a moody bar lit by candlelight.  It’s a great place to go for pre-dinner cocktails or late night drinks.



Le Pick Clops is located in the heart of the Marais and it’s the perfect spot to grab a drink outside.  It’s certainly not a bar you’d spend all night in, but it’s the perfect place to go for casual drinks with friends or for a drink before dinner/going out.



The Little Red Door in Paris is known for frequently showing up on the world’s “50 best bars” list and once you go you’ll see why.  The drinks are incredibly unique and made with ingredients that I personally have never heard of being put in a drink.  The bartenders are knowledgable and the atmosphere is lively.  I highly recommend waiting in line to try out this cocktail lounge.



This English style pub was opened by three friends who wanted the ambiance of a pub with the service of a cocktail bar.  Not only are the cocktails and atmosphere incredible, but the small plates at The Cambridge Public House are out of this world.  It’s the perfect place for before dinner drinks and snacks, or late night drinks and snacks.


If you like cocktails, make sure to check out:  The Best Cocktail Bars in Paris


Things to See and Do in Le Marais

Aside from eating and drinking, there are tons of other things to do in Paris’s most fun arrondissement.  There are famous parks, incredible shopping, and even museums to stroll through.  (Have I convinced you visit Le Marias yet?).  Below you’ll find the best ways to spend your time in Le Marais.



BHV Marais is a huge, indoor department store.  If you’re wanting to do any shopping in Paris, this is a great place to go.  Plus there’s a rooftop bar – Le Perchoir Marais – that allows you views over the city and of the Eiffel Tower.



The Musée Carnavalet tells the history of the city of Paris and has been open since 1880.  With tiny replicas of the popular Parisian buildings and rooms that showcase the history of Paris, it’s a great way to spend your afternoon learning about the city.  It’s one of the more unique museums I’ve had the chance of visiting.



Marche des Enfants Rouges is the oldest food market in Paris since the 1600s.  The covered market has food stalls to buy fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats, flower shops, and now has some pretty incredible restaurants and wine shops too.  You could spend at least an afternoon here, sitting down at different outdoor restaurants and ordering a couple of dishes from each menu (which I highly recommend).  Just make sure to finish with a cheese plate and bottle of wine from Bibo Vino.



The Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature is one of the more unique museums that I visited in Paris.  It’s a private museum of hunting and and nature and while I thought that this museum was interesting, I wouldn’t make it a priority to visit.  Nothing is written in English so it’s hard to decipher what’s being displayed.  However, I will say that it is one of the more ornate and beautifully decorated museums in Paris and that is what really intrigued me.

Please note, this museum does not take the Museum Pass.  Entrance is 12 Euros.



The Picasso Museum is also located in Marais and features works from Pablo Picasso and other artists that are linked to him.  The museum is a bit smaller so you can get in and out pretty quickly.  This museum does take the Museum Pass.



Place des Vosges is the oldest planned square in all of Paris.  (It’s even rumored to be where Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt once shared a home).  The square is quite beautiful and the perfect place to go for a picnic or an afternoon in the sun.




One Day Le Marais Sample Itinerary

If you’re planning on visiting Paris and you’re going to spend a day in Le Marais, here’s the perfect sample itinerary of how I would spend my day.  Start at a boulangerie, grabbing croissants and baguettes and taking them to go eat outside at Place des Vosges.  Then spend the early morning visiting the museums, making sure to prioritize the Carnavalet Museum followed by the Picasso Museum and finally the Museum of National History.  For lunch, head to Marche des Enfants Rouges, sampling food from many different restaurants in the market; ending with a cheese plate and bottle of wine at Bibo Vino.  Depending on the weather and how full you are, you could head back to Place des Vosges to relax in the sun or instead head to Carette for French pastries.  Once dinner rolls around head to pre-dinner drinks at Lavomatic or Candelaria before eating dinner at one of the restaurants listed above, (for classic French I recommend Chez Paul).  Cap out your night barhopping from Little Red Door to Andy Wahloo, ending at Experimental Cocktail Club.


France Essentials – What You Need & Need to Know About Visiting France


  • The easiest way to book train tickets in France is through Omio
  • To book a flight to France, I recommend Expedia or Skyscanner to compare options
  • For car rentals in France, I recommend Discover Cars
  • If you want an English speaking driver waiting to pick you up at the airport, use Welcome Pickups
  • I highly recommend travel insurance when traveling through France – I use and recommend SafetyWing
  • If you need a SIM card, aloSIM for an easy and affordable e-SIM


  • To easiest way to book hotels in France is through or Expedia
  • The easiest way to book rentals in France is through VRBO


  • For tours and activities in France, I recommend using Viator
  • For food tours in France, I recommend Devour Tours
  • For walking tours in France, I recommend Take Walks
  • For cooking classes in France, I recommend using Cookly


  • Don’t forget a France guide book to help plan your travels
  • You’ll need a travel plug adapter (France uses type C)
  • I recommend bringing a reusable water bottle to cut down on plastic waste
  • If you’re planning on enjoying the wine in France, I recommend bringing Liquid IV to stay hydrated (especially during long days wine tasting)


While this list of the best places to find in Le Marais was short and concise, the truth is that there is so much more to Paris than can be discovered in a single trip.  It would take years of living in this romantic and elegant city to do more than scratch the surface of what Paris has to offer.  (An intriguing and exciting challenge that I hope to one day accomplish).  So while I personally believe that what is listed above is the best that Le Marais has to offer, I also encourage you to stop off at any bar, restaurant, or cafe that looks inviting to you.  You might just find a hidden gem in the middle of Marais.


For more ideas on things to see and do in Paris, make sure to check out my Instagram page/highlight reel by searching “#ppinfrance” and under the highlights, “France”


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