Flagstaff or Sedona?

Flagstaff or Sedona?
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(Last Updated On: July 22, 2019)

Since I have been living in Scottsdale one of my main goals was to visit as many surrounding towns as possible. The state of Arizona has SO much to offer! National parks, natural wonders, quaint towns, ghost towns, and so much more! With that being said, I made it a mission to visit two places that I had heard the most about… Flagstaff and Sedona.

Flagstaff is North of Scottsdale, about a 2.5-hour drive. Seeing as it is more North the weather is much colder than the Scottsdale area. It is nestled in the mountains and the best part about Flagstaff is that it is close to some of Arizona’s best wonders – The Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, and Antelope Canyon, to name a few. If you are going to AZ to visit these attractions I would suggest flying into and staying in Flagstaff. When I visited Flagstaff I went for the town alone. Out of all of the places I have visited in Arizona (Flagstaff, Sedona, Jerome), I would have to say that Flagstaff falls at the bottom of the list. It does have great things to offer, however if you’re going somewhere for a day or weekend trip I would look elsewhere first.

On the other hand, Sedona was my favorite little escape away from Scottsdale! Only two hours North, it is absolutely gorgeous and makes you feel as if you’re on a different planet! Or is that just me? Sedona is surrounded by red rock buttes as far as the eye can see. Not only can you find hiking trails, places to camp, buttes to climb, Sedona also boasts restaurants, cafes, and art galleries galore! There’s truly something for everyone.

While in Sedona a lot of things tickled my fancy… here are a few not to be missed!


Devil’s Bridge

Bell Rock Trail

Cathedral Rock

Devil’s Bridge


ChocolaTree Café – Perfect healthy eatery near Devil’s Bridge hike

Hideaway House

El Rincon Restaurant Mexicano – Inside Tlaquepaque

Wine Tasting?

Page Springs Cellars – Not for their stellar wine; but for their stellar atmosphere

Page Springs Cellars


Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village


What do you prefer? Flagstaff, Sedona, or both?

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