5 of the Best San Sebastian Pintxos Tours

san sebastian pintxos tours
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In my opinion, one of the best ways to experience a city, region, or country is through its food.  That’s why, when I traveled to San Sebastián, I knew that I couldn’t miss out on all things – pintxos.  “Pintxos” is a staple of San Sebastián and the Basque Country (a region in Northern Spain), having originated in San Sebastián in 1946.  This guide will inform you on the best San Sebastian pintxos tours and give you a brief overview of the history of pintxos and some of the best pintxo restaurants in San Sebastian.


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1.  San Sebastian Ultimate Pintxos & Wine Tour

This 3 hour tour run by Devour Tours not only allows you to get a feel for the pintxos in San Sebastian, but it also allows you to taste some of the local wine!  This pintxos and wine tour focuses specifically on the Old Town neighborhood where there are tons and tons of choices.  I suggest booking a tour when you arrive to the city so that you can get the best tips for the rest of your trip!

Here is what you can expect when booking the San Sebastian Ultimate Pintxos and Wine Tour

  • 8+ food tastings
  • 5 drinks (non-alcoholic available)
  • Not for celiacs
  • Departure times:  11:30 am or 6 pm
  • 8 people max




2.  An Evening Out in San Sebastian:  Centro Neighborhood Pintxos Tour

This 2.5 hour pintxo tour run by Devour Tours focuses on a less touristy neighborhood in San Sebastián – the Centro Neighborhood.  This is the perfect tour if you’re looking for a later start while enjoying local food and drink somewhere other than the Old Town.  On this tour, you’ll also get to visit the very first pintxos bar in the city!

Here is what you can expect when booking An Evening Out in San Sebastian:  Centro Neighborhood Pintxos Tour

  • 10+ pintxos
  • 5 drinks (non-alcoholic available)
  • Not for celiacs
  • Departure times:  6:30 pm or 7 pm
  • 8 people max




3.  Evening Pintxo-Tapas Tour

This 2.5 hour food tour run by Discover San Sebastian takes you to both tourist spots and local spots that showcase the best pintxos in the city.  The tour takes place in Old Town San Sebastián.

Here is what you can expect when booking the Evening Pintxo-Tapas Tour

  • 5 different pintxos
  • Departure time:  7 pm
  • 8 people max




4.  San Sebastian Evening Pinxto Tour with Wine

This 3 hour pintxo and wine tour run by Mimo, takes you through Old Town where you’ll taste pintxos and local wines and ciders.  Mimo is a food based company specializing in food tours through San Sebastián as well as cooking classes – so you’re in good hands!

Here is what you can expect when booking the San Sebastián Evening Pintxto Tour with Wine

  • 6 different bars with 1-2 pintxos at each bar
  • 5 pairings of cider/wine
  • Departure time:  6:30 pm
  • 10 people max




5.  San Sebastian Pinxto, Wine, & Market Foodie Tour

This 3 hour tour not only includes tasting the best wine in pintxos in San Sebastián, but it also includes a visit to the local market to dive deeper into the culinary scene.  Not to mention, this tour got ranked as the #12 spot on the 2023 Traveler’s Best Choice Best of the Best!  Please note, the market is closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays at noon so if you choose that time slight you will receive 2 more pintxos instead of a market tour.

Here is what you can expect when booking the San Sebastian Pintxo, Wine, & Foodie Market Tour

  • 5 pintxos
  • 5 wines
  • Market tour (2 more pintxos allotted if market closed)
  • Departure times:  12 pm and 6:30 pm
  • 9 people max





What are Pintxos?

Simlar to tapas, pintxos are small, bite-sized dishes, oftentimes served on a piece of bread.  The idea of a pintxo was that it was easy to pick up with a toothpick, thus pintxo came from the Spanish verb for the action of picking up food with toothpick or “pinchar”.

Also, eating pintxos usually occurs while standing up at the bar and having a drink.  You don’t generally sit down in a restaurant and order pintxos to your table.


How to Eat Pintxos

Today, pintxos are eaten with your hands, but years ago they were eaten with a toothpick that was then thrown on the floor.  Usually your pintxo will come served on a small plate without any silverware.


History of Pintxos & Basque Country Culinary Culture

Pintxos are a cornerstone of Basque culinary tradition.  These small dishes evolved from simple bar snacks to more sophisticated bites during the mid-20th century.  The transformation was particularly notable in the 1980s when Basque chefs began to innovate and elevate pintxos, mirroring the New Basque Cuisine movement which sought to modernize traditional recipes while emphasizing local ingredients.  This culinary revolution helped San Sebastián become the foodie paradise it is known for today.


The Best Time to Eat Pintxos in San Sebastian

The best time to eat pintxos in San Sebastián is all day long!  Generally, pintxos bars start to open around lunchtime and close late at night.  You might also notice locals stopping in at different pintxos bars after work for a small bite and drink with friends before dinner later on.


Best Pintxos Restaurants in San Sebastian

Whether or not you choose to do a pintxos tour in San Sebastián, here are some more of my favorite pintxos restaurants to add your list!  By the way, when ordering pintxos I highly recommend asking the server what they are best known for.  Most pintxos restaurants will be famous for a couple of different plates so it’s a great way to branch out and try what the restaurant does best!

  • Atari Gastroleku
  • Bare Bare Taberna-Jatetxea
  • Casa Tiburico
  • Gandaria Jatetxea
  • Sidreria Beharri


Is San Sebastian Worth Visiting?

Finally, is San Sebastián worth visiting?  I would say absolutely.  In fact, it’s one of my favorite cities in Spain!  It’s clean, safe, has an incredible food scene, and is nearby the Rioja wine region and several other attractions in Northern Spain.  San Sebastián has managed to keep its local charm while attracting a more upscale clientele (as my tour guide pointed out – you won’t see any hostels here).


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Eating your way through San Sebastian is a bucket list experience for anyone visiting Northern Spain!  If you have any questions about San Sebastian pintxos tours, let me know in a comment below!


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