Discovering Bruges in 48 Hours

Discovering Bruges in 48 Hours (Last Updated On: July 8, 2019)

Bruges wins the award for my favorite city in all of Belgium and one of my top 10 favorite cities I’ve had the chance to visit. When planning my week long Belgium adventure, I wanted to see four different cities and knew that I could only spend about one night in each place; leaving me with an extra night for one of the four cities. Do I pick to spend two nights in the medieval town of Ghent? Do I pick to spend two nights in the edgy city of Antwerp? I ended up settling on 48 hours in Bruges, which was definitely the right choice.

Filled with winding cobblestone streets and canals; cafés, waffle, and frites carts dotting the streets. Bruges is the epitome of a quaint European town that has not lost an ounce of its charm. Not only that, but there is a ton to see and do in Bruges making your time anything but boring. You can eat, drink, bike, and sightsee your way through this city.


Favorite People Watching Spots

Jan Van Eyck Square – Less touristy, but still filled with oodles of charm. Situated on a canal, there are a number of cafés and restaurants on the outskirts of this square.

Markt Square – The main square in Bruges making it a bit more touristy, but a great place to sit down and observe people as they trapeze by.


Favorite Activities

Renting a bike – Take your bike out of the city centre and head to Damme. A sleepy Belgian town located approximately four miles northeast of town. Bike along the river passing sheeps, windmills, and lush green pastures.

Taking a boat tour – Learn about the history of Bruges while cruising the canals.

Climbing the Belfort Tower – 12 Euros and 366 steps later until you have sweeping, panoramic views of Bruges in front of you.


Halve Maan Brewery Tour – Learn about how the most famous Belgian beer is made.


Best Bars

2be – Not only did the bartender encourage drinking beer starting in the early morning, but you can also get a table by the water watching the boats go by.


Café Vlissinghe – The oldest pub in Bruges, which opened back in 1515.

Best Eats

Blackbird – Found in Jan Van Eyck, this quaint coffee teahouse is a must visit while in Bruges.

Tom’s Diner – Head here for an off the beaten path experience, and to eat tapas on tapas.


Belgian Pigeon House – A gorgeous, lively restaurant in the heart of Bruges.


With all there is to see and do in Bruges its no wonder that it isn’t a better known city. Still a bit off the beaten path and not affected by extreme tourism like the likes of Venice. Make sure to check out Bruges before its too late.


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