48 Hours in Ljubljana

48 Hours in Ljubljana
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Ljubljana holds a special place in my heart as one of my all time favorite trips as a solo traveler.  I arrived to the gorgeous capital of Slovenia, completely plan-less and it ended up leading to some pretty memorable experiences. I met tons of locals who showed me Slovenia from their eyes.  They spent time with me, introducing me to the local wine, food, and even the festival Open Kitchen.

Sure they enhanced my experience, but Ljubljana is such an enchanting city that whether or not I had run into said locals, I would guarantee it would still be at the very top of my list. It’s easy to wander around for hours on end, getting lost in the winding streets of the town.  Every turn revealing cotton candy colored buildings and stunning architectural views. It’s was exactly the type of town I want to be able to share with everyone!  I found myself aching for someone to witness the city with me.  To gasp at the streets and marvel at the castle.




Upon arrival into Ljubljana, I check myself into Hotel Park – a cheap, three-star hotel walking distance to the city centre.  I dropped my bags and headed out to find the Triple Bridge. The Triple Bridge is an architectural wonder of the city being finally finished and revealed in April of 1932. It is a group of three bridges that cross the river connecting the historical and modern parts of Ljubljana. A definite must see!


Open Kitchen


After discovering Triple Bridge, and thus old town, I found myself in Compa enjoying the local wine, meats, and cheese from Slovenia.  Here is where I learned about Ljubljana’s May festival, Open Kitchen. A true culinary experience, and a foodie’s dream, Open Kitchen occurs every Friday night from May through October. It takes place in the town square which turns into one big open kitchen.  Here you’ll find chefs from around the city who cook local Slovenian food in front of you. If you find yourself in Ljubljana during this time, don’t pass this experience up.


Exploring the City


In Ljubljana you’ll notice café after café dotting the river.  There are plenty of restaurants and bars to choose from to eat, drink, and people watch.  Even if its raining out most restaurants place umbrellas outside so you can choose to dine in or out.  Walk the streets and when you tire of that climb the hill up to the Ljubljana Castle.  From the castle you’ll have a vantage point of looking out over the city.  Or tour the inside where you can learn about how the castle was used in WWI for prisoners of war.

Once you tire of walking pop into the intimate Vinoteka Movia for local Slovenian wine.

Hours:  Monday-Friday 1200-2400; Closed Sundays


Lake Bled


If you are having trouble tearing yourself away from the charming town of Ljubljana, then picture this… a serene lake, aqua water against a snowy backdrop, in the middle of an idyllic countryside.  And you wind up with Lake Bled.  Easy to get to from Ljubljana, hop on Flixbus which will take you approximately  an hour and a half northwest.

Take your time walking slowly around the lake.  A slow walk will get you around the lake in a couple of hours.  Or get up close and personal by renting a boat.  You can row to the middle of the lake where there stands a lone church.  Legend has it that if a man can carry his bride up the steep hill, they will live happily ever after.  Besides being picturesque and romantic, Bled is also kid friendly.  Here you’ll find kid activities such as water slides, tobogganing, and trampolines.


That wraps up 48 hours in this gorgeous country.  Zbogom Slovenia!


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48 Hours in Ljubljana

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