Planning a Trip to Magnolia Market – Everything to Know When Visiting

planning a trip to Magnolia Market
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Located in the small town of Waco, Texas, Magnolia Market was created as a family-friendly, inspirational oasis in the middle of Texas.  Built by Chip and Joanna Gaines of HGTV, planning a trip to Magnolia Market is simple and fun!  What started out as a space marked by two silos, “Magnolia Market at the Silos”, has since been transformed into a giant space for home and life inspiration.  And since the grand opening in 2015, there’s been many add-on’s.  Including a bakery and most recent to be opening – a boutique hotel.

If you plan to visit the market there are some simple things to know to plan your time most effectively.  Below I’ll be detailing information on transportation, where to stay, and how to maximize your time when you visit Waco, Texas.


Planning a Trip to Magnolia Market – What You Need to Know

silos at magnolia market

Waco is a small town (approx 95 square miles) in Texas, located between Austin and Dallas.  If you’re flying to Texas strictly to visit Magnolia Market, you may opt to stay in one of the bigger cities surrounding Waco and make a day trip to the silos.  If your goal is to spend multiple days in Waco visiting Magnolia Market and you want to be close, the closest airport to Waco, Texas is the Waco Regional Airport.


Transportation:  Dallas to Waco

The distance to Waco, Texas from Dallas is about 96-miles and takes about an hour and a half via car.  If you’re visiting Magnolia Market from Dallas you can opt to rent a car and drive yourself or plan to take public transportation.  You can find bus schedules to and from Waco by visiting this website.


Transportation:  Austin to Waco

If instead, you plan to visit Waco from Texas’s most vibrant city – Austin, the distance is nearly the same as if you were coming from Dallas.  It’s about 102-miles and an hour and a half drive.  Again you can choose to rent a car and drive yourself or take public transportation.  You can find bus schedules to and from Waco by visiting this website.


Planning a trip to Austin?  Read more to discover the best that Austin, Texas has to offer!


Once you arrive in Waco and are greeted by the tall-standing silos, Magnolia Markets most recognized landmark, there is free parking available on 6th-street surrounding the market.  There is also a free parking lot on 8th-street but at the time of writing the lot is closed for construction.  Here you’ll find a map and times for the free trolley that runs throughout Waco taking people to and from Magnolia Market.


Where to Stay When Visiting Magnolia Market

Waco, Texas is a great town to visit for a day trip from the bigger surrounding cities of Austin, Dallas, or San Antonio.  However, if you plan to stay in Waco there are options for places to stay.  Aside from the market, Chip and Joanna have dominated Waco in other ways.  You can choose to stay in one of their houses renovated on Fixer Upper, or you can stay in the boutique hotel that they are building!  (Please note that the hotel is expected to open in 2021).  If neither of these options suits you, there are other options for hotels in Waco.  I personally use when searching for hotel options.


Weather in Waco, Texas

The weather in Waco is hot and humid for most months out of the year.  In the winter months, the weather drops to a breezy 50-60 degrees F.  If you’re wondering what to wear to Magnolia Market, I’d highly recommend checking the weather channel before visiting.  With Magnolia Market having a large outdoor space for activities, you don’t want to be uncomfortable.  In the summer months, I’d recommend something light and breezy.  And for the winter months a light jacket and pants.  Whatever you choose make sure that you’re comfortable enough to walk around the town to see life beyond Magnolia.


Magnolia Market at the Silos

Crafted as an oasis in the middle of Texas, Magnolia Market is a space where people from all walks of life can come to enjoy themselves and be inspired.  Here you can shop, play games, have a bite to eat, and visit the garden.  As you enter, you may notice crowds of people.  But don’t let that deter you!  In my experience waiting in line was half the fun as excitement built before you entered the home store little bakery.  Neither disappointing!

The Magnolia home store in Waco, Texas is the starting point of your Magnolia experience.  Head inside to shop around and see what inspired Joanna Gaines as she creates beautiful spaces in her everyday life.  Here you’ll be able to purchase just about anything you would think to need for your home and in life.

Once you’re done being inspired by the store, head out to the lawn for a bite to eat.  Outside you can enjoy cornhole amongst other games, or browse through the many food trucks on rotation.  The trucks serve pizza to snowcones and everything in between!  Or visit the Silos Baking Co. an on-site bakery featuring Joanna’s recipes and personal picks.

Before leaving Magnolia Market don’t forget to stop in at the garden.  You can hang out in the garden space or buy seeds and gardening tools from Magnolia Seed + Supply.  The objective of the garden is to leave people feeling “refreshed and inspired to grow in your own soil”.


Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas has transformed the entire town of Waco.  It now draws tourists from all over the country to come and fall in love with the creation that Chip and Joanna have created.  A place to feel inspired, refreshed, and a safe place to laugh with friends and family.  By planning a trip to Magnolia Market you get to see what it’s like to have a business in a small town transform so many other’s lives.  By bringing this creation to life, Waco and all of its small businesses are thriving.  So while you visit Magnolia Market, appreciate what it has done to the community of Waco.


Please know that this establishment is closed on Sundays.


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  1. Alex Johannes
    May 16, 2018 / 3:34 pm

    Love this paragraph:

    “So, how do you spend a day at Magnolia Market? To begin, in order to get close to the Silos parking will cost you $10. However, parking is free if you choose to park further away. There are golf carts that drive around looking to pick you up and deliver you to the front door at no cost. You can start your adventure with pastries and coffee at the Silos Baking Co. Then venture into Magnolia Market where you can browse tons of home goods. If you’re the gardening type then head out back to browse the garden and buy different seeds to plant on your own. Once you’re done browsing stick around outside where you can lounge on the green space, play games, or sit at picnic tables. Hungry? There are all sorts of food trucks lined up outside of the market. Choose from healthy juices, grilled cheese, pizza, snow cones, and more!”

    Full of useful information! Hope you had fun. I love Fixer Upper!!

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