The Best Cocktail Bars in Paris

The Best Cocktail Bars in Paris
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If there’s one thing Paris knows (okay, besides wine) it’s cocktails.  There are so many incredible cocktail bars in the city of lights that it would take you years to discover them all (something I’m attempting to do).  Below you’ll find my favorite cocktail bars in Paris; whether you’re looking for a night cap, a before dinner drink, or a “just because” drink!  Trust me when I tell you, these are definitely the best cocktail bars in Paris.


The Best Cocktail Bars in Paris

The Cambridge Public House



Bluebird has to be one of the most unique cocktail bars I’ve ever been to.  The menu takes you through different parts of the world as it was created with flavor profiles from Egypt, Italy, and Japan.  The most interesting thing about it is that the ingredients of each drink are not listed on the menu – on purpose.  You’re supposed to focus on the flavor profile of the drink without knowing what’s in it so that you don’t pre-judge your cocktail.  Of course, if you’re someone who needs to know what’s in their drink to pick a drink – Bluebird probably isn’t for you.  If you’re more adventurous, then I say give it a go.



One of Paris’s most epic speakeasy bars – Candelaria is located in the Marais in the back of an assuming Mexican restaurant.  In fact, when you first walk into this restaurant you may be confused at the patrons dining and chefs making delicious tacos in front of you.  But rest assured, continue to walk towards the back of the restaurant (you don’t need to say anything to the staff), and go through the swinging door.  You’ll be transported to a dark, candlelit area where cocktails flow.



A chic, welcoming environment, CopperBay has an expansive cocktail menu that will impress even the most avid liquor lovers.  Not only is it a great place to get together with friends, with plenty of room and tables to gather; but it also has one of my favorite cocktails I’ve ever tried – Tiramisu.


Experimental Cocktail Club

Located behind a black door, this “hidden” cocktail club is the perfect place to head late night if you want to let loose.  They generally have a DJ playing and with the exposed brick and wood beams, this rustic cocktail bar is a must-visit.


Harry’s New York Bar

The original creator of the Bloody Mary and French 75, Harry’s New York Bar has been opened since 1911 when they opened on Thanksgiving day.  It’s said that the reason behind the name is due to the wooden bar itself – being imported from New York to Paris during prohibition.

Harry’s New York Bar sells hot dogs to go along with your cocktails, and even has live music in the basement at night.  (It also happens to be my French boyfriends favorite bar in Paris).



Another epic speakeasy in Paris, Lavomatic is located on the upper level of a laundromat.  When you arrive at this unassuming laundromat, search for the washer that is a door (instead of a washer) and go through.  You’ll be led upstairs where you’ll find a beautifully decorated cocktail bar.  Just make sure to arrive at opening, Lavomatic is small and difficult to get into!


Le Mary Celeste

Le Mary Celeste is the perfect place to be on a nice, sunny day.  Not only are there places to sit out front, but the restaurant is light and airy, with the ability to open the windows allowing a nice breeze into this bar.

I suggest Le Mary Celeste for before dinner drinks where you can sit at the bar, have a cocktail, and enjoy oysters before dinner.


Little Red Door

My personal favorite cocktail bar in Paris, Little Red Door is chic, cozy, and unique.  Each cocktail is crafted keeping in mind specific flavor profiles of one ingredient.  For instance, you’ll find cocktails such as “rice”, “raspberry”, etc; where the goal of the drink is to resemble the single ingredient listed.  Little Red Door also sources all ingredients from nearby farmers, with photos of each farmer they work with on the walls of the restaurant.


The Cambridge Public House

This English style pub was opened by three friends who wanted the ambiance of a pub with the service of a cocktail bar.  Not only are the cocktails and atmosphere incredible, but the small plates at The Cambridge Public House are out of this world.  It’s the perfect place for before dinner drinks and snacks, or late night drinks and snacks.


Are there any cocktail bars in Paris that I’ve missed?  Let me know in the comments below so I can make sure to check them out!


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