6 Things You Have to See When You Visit Prague

Views of Prague Castle from Charles Bridge
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I had just departed from the uber charming Czech town of Ceský Krumlov and journeyed two hours north to Czech Republic’s capital – Prague.  I was gleefully marching down the street, tredlník in hand, listening to Christmas music, and passing massively ornate Christmas trees, which seemed to be on every street corner.  My feet were sore from walking, my cheeks ached from smiling, but I was finally fulfilling my dream of spending Christmas in what has to be the most magical Christmas destination of all.  Prague.

Prague has everything you could ever want or need in a city and more.  The beer is cheap (cheaper than water).  The air smells of cinnamon and sugar chimney cakes, which you can find on every corner.  There are bars, clubs, and restaurants galore!  And there are so many historical buildings and beautiful sites to be seen.  Prague alone brings in 8,000,000 visitors each year and it’s no surprise why.  The city is affordable, it’s managed to retain its charm, and the streets ooze with character.


6 Sites to See When You Visit Prague


1.  Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge - Prague

Construction on Charles Bridge began back in the 1300s under King Charles IV’s rule.  The bridge spans the Vltava River, connecting the Prague Castle to Old Town.  Charles Bridge is a trademark of Prague and is gorgeous day or night.  Being one of the most famous sites in Prague also makes for one of the most crowded sites.  If you attempt to cross the bridge during the day you’ll be pushing through crowds, unable to enjoy the true beauty.  Get up early in the morning or head to the bridge late at night to enjoy it without the crowds.


2.  Astronomical Clock

Astronomical Clock - Prague

Located in Prague’s Old Town, the Astronomical Clock is currently the oldest working clock in the world, and the third oldest clock worldwide.  It was built in the 1400s and the clock itself is an ornate structure that makes Prague’s Old Town unique compared to other cities in Europe.  Like Charles Bridge, the Astronomical Clock draws quite a crowd as well.  I recommend getting up early in the morning to appreciate its beauty without hoards of people around.


3.  Lennon Wall

John Lennon Wall - Prague

The Lennon Wall is dedicated to none other than John Lennon of the Beatles.  In the 80s the wall was transformed into a graffiti mural thanks to handfuls of people coming to express themselves through Beatles lyrics, love, and so on.  To this day, you can still legally graffiti on the wall yourself so if you visit, remember to bring a can of spray paint!

Insider tip:  Close to the Lennon Wall there is a quaint restaurant worth popping in – Velkopřevorský Mlýn.


4.  Old Town Square

Old Town Square - Prague

Founded in the 12th-century, Prague’s Old Town Square comes alive at all hours day or night.  Here you’ll find the Astronomical Clock, Church of our Lady, St. Nicholas Church, and more.  While there are a number of restaurants within the square, I urge you to go elsewhere for food.  Because Old Town Square is popular amongst the tourists, the restaurants are overpriced and the food isn’t that great.

If you are looking for restaurant recommendations, two of my favorite restaurants in Prague are Las Adelitas (if you’re craving Mexican food); and IF Cafe, a sweets shop.


5.  Prague Castle

Prague Castle - Prague

The Prague Castle complex is the largest castle complex in the world, dating back to the 9th-century.  Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it attracts over 1.8 million visitors per year.  While you can pay a fee to enter the castle and tour it, I wasn’t too impressed. Walking around the complex is free, and more worth your time.  Oh, and major bonus points if you can get the men who guard the castle to crack a smile!


6.  Dancing House

The Dancing House is a unique architectural structure, unlike any I’ve previously seen.  It’s designed to look as though it’s swaying, or “dancing”.  The house was designed by a Czech-Croatian and Canadian-American, the Dancing House is of deconstructivism and is famous in Prague.  Spoiler alert, it’s not actually a house but instead an office space.  However, there is a French restaurant on top where you can view the Prague Castle complex and the Vltava River.


What other sites are there in Prague that I’ve missed?  Let me know in the comments below!


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