32 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Jordan

32 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Jordan (Last Updated On: October 28, 2019)

My first trip to Jordan was coincidentally also my first trip to the Middle East.  I joined TBA Escapes, and not knowing what to expect I left the country feeling full of hope and joy.  It wasn’t that I ticked off another country, saw one of the wonders of the world, or glamped under the starry sky in Wadi Rum.  It wasn’t the sheer beauty or the impressive landscape changes.  It was simply… the people.

You see, one of my favorite things about visiting Jordan was the realization that there are kind, warm, and welcoming people all over the world.  While Jordan itself isn’t portrayed poorly in the media, the countries surrounding it can be, and for that reason I think the Middle East as a WHOLE has a bit of a “bad reputation”.  How pleased I was to find out that what the media doesn’t portray are the people in Jordan – the kindness in their eyes, a welcoming smile knowing that while you don’t speak the same language, a smile is universal.

I spent eight days learning the kindness of strangers and exploring the country from coast to coast.  Here are my favorite moments in what is surely one of my favorite countries.


Photos of Amman

The capital city of Jordan, Amman was busy and polluted.  It was a hidden gem in a country full of impressive sites.  Amman is an overwhelming city with cars flying by and people crowding the streets, but that shouldn’t scare you away.  And it surely should not be missed if you are lucky enough to be visiting Jordan.

Photos to Inspire You to Visit Jordan


Photos of Jerash

Nearly 30-miles north of Amman you’ll find yourself in the historical city of Jerash.  It’s houses some of the best preserved Roman ruins in the world.  Inhabited since the Bronze Age, Jerash plays an important role in ancient history.  The city has even been mentioned in the Bible as the “region of Garasenes”.

Photos to Inspire You to Visit Jordan


Photos of Petra

The lost city of Petra is surely not to be missed if you’re visiting Jordan.  Housing one of the wonders of the world (The Treasury – seen below), it’s an incredible, archaeologic site.  Dating clear back to 300 B.C. the city is made up of tombs and temples carved from the sandstone cliffs.  Bedouins (desert dwellers) inhabit Petra and there was even one incident of couch surfing in a cave that has since been shut down!  You can read about it here.

Photos to Inspire You to Visit Jordan


Photos of Wadi Rum

No trip to Jordan is complete with a visit to Mars…. or Wadi Rum.  Located in the southern part of the country this vast dessert is sure to take your breath away.  Leave behind city life and venture into the dessert where you can experience a night under the starry sky.

Photos to Inspire You to Visit Jordan

Photos to Inspire You to Visit Jordan


Jordan is a unique, incredible country.  The landscape takes your breath away, the history blows your mind, and the people make you feel welcomed.  If you have the chance to visit… don’t pass it up.


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