A True Foodie Experience in Naples

Naples, Italy
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One thing that I never fail to miss when traveling abroad is American food.  And it isn’t always necessarily “American” food that I crave. But it is the twist that Americans put on food that I miss.  The portion size, the greasy-ness of the food.  All the stuff that I shouldn’t crave, I do.  That’s why when week six of my solo trip through Europe came and went, and my pizza craving came and didn’t go… I decided to stop ignoring it and head to the birthplace of pizza.  Italy, to experience all different (but mostly pizza) types of food in Naples!


Naples – Quintessential Italy

Naples is a town of its own accord.  Streets crowded with vendors, tourists, and locals… mopeds zooming through crowds with cars not far behind.  Passionate Italians yelling, kissing, and hugging each other.  To me, Naples was quintessentially… Italy. It was everything I had ever thought of Italy to be.  From the buildings, to the people, all the way to the food.  That’s why when I heard I’d be going to one of the best pizza places in Naples, and potentially in the world, I was beyond stoked.

Christmas Alley - Naples

Upon arrival to the pizzeria there was a line out the door.  People were buzzing, chatting, excited to be tasting the “best” pizza in Naples.  It was the smell that often wafted out the door that kept me waiting in line.  The owner didn’t miss a beat, and consistently brought out different dishes for the people in line to look at and awe over.  A sort of “tease”, seeing as we weren’t allowed to taste, but it kept my mouth watering and kept me curious for more.


Pizzeria Concettina ai Tre Santi

An hour and a half later… and we were in.  We had made it to Pizzeria Concettina ai Tre Santi.  What ensued was hours of talking, laughing, 10 dishes, and multiple bottles of wine.  The true Italian way to experience food is quite literally to take your time.  Something that as an American, I have had to patiently learn.  The chef bringing out what he pleased, us indulging gleefully.  A trip to see where the pizza dough was made, a trip to the wine cellar.  A $50 glass of rum, and the memory of a lifetime.


So here it goes… a true, one of a kind foodie experience, in pictures


Dish #1 – Margherita Pizza

Pizza - Naples


Dish #2 – Stuffed Meatballs

Meatballs - Naples


Dish #3 – Lentils

Lentils - Naples


Dish #4 – Tuna

Naples, Italy


Dish #5

Naples, Italy


Dish #6

Naples, Italy


Dish #7 – Spicy Ragu

Spicy Ragu - Naples


Dish #8 – Fried Pasta

Fried Pasta - Naples


Dish #9 – Pizza

Pizza - Naples


Dish #10

Naples, Italy


Having gorged for the better part of a day, I had successfully kicked my craving and more successfully learned to appreciate Italian culture.  The true experience of Italy isn’t in its Instagram worthy streets, picturesque monuments, or even a bowl of pasta, scoop of gelato, or plate of pizza.  This meal taught me that the true experience of Italy is in the company.  It’s the art of slowing down.  Taking your time.  Closing your eyes and breathing in the scents, hearing people talk, and feeling the sunshine on your face.  The true experience of Italy lies right in front of you.  Put down your phone, and engage in the country around.  That… is the true experience of Italy.  And the true way to appreciate the meal placed in front of you.


For a look inside Pizzeria Concettina Ai Tre Santi, check out my Instagram story highlights

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