A Travel Nurse’s Review of Fusion Medical Staffing (What I Like & Dislike)

Fusion Medical Staffing
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Before I get into telling you what I like (love) about working with Fusion Medical Staffing, and even some things that I dislike about the company… I’m going to tell you why I’m qualified to write this post – and why you should trust me!

I have been a travel nurse (on and off) since 2016 (I’m currently writing this post in 2023) – 7 years.  I have 7 years of experience with great travel nurse agencies, awful travel nurse agencies, fabulous recruiters, lackluster recruiters – trust me when I tell you that I have seen it all!  And to date, Fusion Medical Staffing has been my favorite company to work with.  (Mostly because I have an amazing recruiter there – DM me on Instagram and I’ll pass along her info!).  Below I’m going to tell you what I like about working with Fusion Medical Staffing and what I dislike about working with Fusion Medical Staffing, so buckle up!


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What is Fusion Medical Staffing & Where is Fusion Medical Staffing Located?

If you’re reading this post and wondering what Fusion Medical Staffing is, I’m about to tell you!  Fusion Medical Staffing is a healthcare staffing agency based in the United States.  The company places nurses and allied healthcare travelers in positions across the US and staffs in all 50 states.

Fusion Medical Staffing is located in Omaha Nebraska.  The company was founded in 2009 by Steve Koesters.


What Benefits Does Fusion Medical Staffing Offer?

One of my favorite things about working with Fusion Medical Staffing is the great benefits that they offer.  Below you’ll find my favorite benefits, that have (mostly) all come in handy as I’ve worked with the company throughout the years.

  • Direct deposit
  • Weekly pay – I’ve always been paid correctly and on time (a rarity in some cases)
  • 401K match – Can start contributing after 30 days (this is also when Fusion will match contributions); contributions are calculated at 100% for the first 3% and 50% of the next 2% of employee contributions
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Certification/license reimbursement
  • Dental & vision insurance – Ameritas
  • Short-term disability
  • Health insurance – Three different PPO medical insurance plans through Highmark BlueCross BlueShield; insurance begins on day one of your assignment and ends on the last day of your assignment (unless you have another assignment lined up)
  • Worker’s comp insurance
  • Voluntary Benefits
    • Accident insurance
    • Critical illness insurance (no exclusion for pre-existing conditions; coverage for employees, spouses, and children)
    • Identity theft protection (provides $1 million insurance policy)
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – Free and confidential support through Lifeworks (including 5 free counseling sessions)
  • PTO accrual


What I Like About Working with Fusion Medical Staffing

I’ve worked with around five companies in my past seven years as a travel nurse and I can truly tell you that Fusion has been my favorite.  (A large part of that has to do with my recruiter – DM me on Instagram for her information).  I believe that Fusion puts the nurse first (a rarity), offers competitive pay, is organized, and I love that they staff in all 50 states so that no state is off limits!

Also, when I was working as a nurse during COVID, I was on a travel nurse assignment with Fusion and not only did the company send the unit I was working on lunch (pizza party!), but they also paid my hourly rate and stipends when I had to call out of work sick with “COVID-like symptoms”.


What I Dislike About Working with Fusion Medical Staffing

I’m grasping for straws here (because I truly love Fusion so much), but something that I don’t like about the company is that they have a clause in their contract stating that if the hospital cancels you (not your contract, just cancels you for your shift that day), they will withhold your meal and housing stipends.  I don’t think that this is right because it isn’t your fault if the hospital calls you off.  The longer you work with the company, the more flexible they will be with you and you can probably get this taken out of your contract.  It doesn’t hurt to ask!




As you can see, I have tons of experience in the world of travel nursing, and I also truly love working with Fusion Medical Staffing.  If you have any questions about the company or travel nursing, leave a comment below!


If you’re a first time travel nurse, I usually recommend to work with more than one recruiter; read why here:  Why it’s Important to Work with More than 1 Travel Nurse Recruiter


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