A Guide to Seattle’s Most Underrated Neighborhood – Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill
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When visiting Seattle, there are many neighborhoods to explore!  Learn about Seattle’s history in Pioneer Square.  Discover the most delicious cuisine in one of the many Fremont restaurants.  Stay in the trendy neighborhood of Capitol Hill.  Or go full-on tourist mode and stay in the heart of downtown.  But there is another neighborhood in Seattle making itself known – Beacon Hill.

While living in Seattle, I had the opportunity to live in north Beacon Hill, a quiet residential neighborhood outside of Seattle – or so I thought.  As my time in Beacon Hill carried on, I noticed more and more restaurants and bars opening up in the neighborhood.  What was once a quiet residential neighborhood, was starting to become a hot spot for new restaurants and has even begun to make a name for itself amongst the Seattle locals.


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Everything You Need to Know About Visiting Beacon Hill

Located a few miles south of the city and easily accessible by train, Beacon Hill has become a flourishing neighborhood that grows by the day.  It’s family-friendly, quiet, but has incredible neighborhood gems.  If you’re visiting Seattle, I don’t recommend staying in Beacon Hill, but I highly recommend taking the train to this neighborhood to see what it’s all about.


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Restaurants to Eat at in Beacon Hill

Situated just outside of Seattle, but still considered to be a part of the city, Beacon Hill has become popular amongst the locals in recent years.  The restaurants located here aren’t the most “popular” restaurants in Seattle, but it isn’t because the food isn’t good enough… because it is.  It’s just that not everyone has heard about them yet. Rivaling some of the best and most popular restaurants in Seattle, when you visit Beacon Hill for dinner you should still expect a wait.  I’d recommend calling ahead for reservations, especially if you’re visiting on a weekend night.


HOMER – Mediterranean

In a cozy atmosphere serving dishes that transport you to a summer day in Greece, Homer is one of the best restaurants in Seattle.  With its friendly staff, and a packed house almost every night of the week, Homer makes you feel at home while taking your tastebuds on an adventure.  The bright spot to this restaurant is the homemade, soft-serve ice cream that is served out the side window on a nice night.


MILK DRUNK – American

Operated by the same owners of Homer, Milk Drunk is an amazing friend chicken and ice cream restaurant.  It’s very casual with limited seating, but it’s the perfect spot for a night out when you don’t want to cook or are looking for some classic American comfort food.  I highly recommend trying this restaurant if you’re in Beacon Hill or Seattle in general.



storefront of bar del corso

pepperoni pizza from bar del corso

Bar del Corso is a quaint Italian restaurant that shouldn’t be passed up located in the heart of Beacon Hill.  Feast on some of their scrumptious, ever-changing, small plates, or choose a homemade Italian-style pizza cooked in a wood-burning oven in the open kitchen.  When you visit Seattle for the first time, you may hear of the Pink Door as being one of the best Italian restaurants in Seattle.  While the Pink Door is incredible, it’s also incredibly touristy.  Instead, choose to go off the beaten path and eat at Bar del Corso.



With multiple locations around Seattle, Tacos Chukis is one of the best taco restaurants in Seattle.  Simply order when you walk in and wait at your table until someone delivers your food – no-fuss about it.  Tacos Chukis is cheap and offers an authentic flair on no-frill, Mexican tacos.  At this simple restaurant don’t expect all the bells and whistles.  While you can drink beer, they don’t serve margaritas or cocktails, and the tacos don’t have a lot of “extras” added to them.


Beacon Hill Bars + Coffee Shops to Visit

Not only does Beacon Hill have a thriving restaurant scene, but quaint wine bars and dive bars are also starting to pop up.  All the more reason to make Beacon Hill a stop on your night out, head here early to put your name down at one of the restaurants, and then walk to a bar for a drink while waiting.


FABLE (formerly known as Petite Soif) – Wine Bar

glass of wine at a good wine bar in seattle

Petite Soif is a new wine bar in Beacon Hill, adding to the ever-growing list of wine bars located throughout Seattle.  With small bites, the main attraction to Petite Soif is their expansive wine list with wines throughout the world.  It’s a cozy place and has been the perfect addition to the Beacon Hill neighborhood.


THE COUPE & FLUTE – Champagne Bar

This cozy champagne bar not only has a vast selection of champagnes and wines to choose from.  But it also serves particularly delicious small plates to accompany your drinks; plus an amazing weekend brunch.  It’s the perfect spot for a night out with the girls, a date night, or a boozy weekend brunch.




Beacon Hill’s very own brewery, Perihelion Brewery sits right next to the Link light rail (the Seattle train).  Not only do you get homemade Seattle beer at Perihelion, but their outdoor patio is a must on a nice day.  Aside from the beer, I also appreciate Perihelion for its elevated bar food.


FRESH FLOURS – Coffee Shop

Located right next to the Link light rail (Seattle’s train system), Fresh Flours is one of my favorite bakeries and coffee shops in Seattle.  With multiple locations throughout Seattle to choose from, I find the Beacon Hill location to be big enough to stay awhile, but not so big that you lose that friendly touch.  With an assortment of treats to choose from, WiFi, and fresh coffee, it’s a great location if you need to get away for a day or if you’re just popping in for a treat.


As of now, Beacon Hill is still mostly residential.  With a Link light rail stop located in North Beacon Hill, this blossoming neighborhood has already begun to thrive.  There are already new restaurants and bars that are set to open up and plans to bring in crowds by building new shopping centers.  Make sure to check out this thriving Seattle neighborhood before it becomes overly crowded.


If you’re looking for more Seattle recommendations, make sure to head over to my Instagram page/highlight reel and search #ppinwashington or find the “Seattle Eats”, “Seattle Drinks”, “Seattle, WA”, or “Washington” highlight reels for more on things to see and do in Seattle.


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