Seattle’s Most Underrated Neighborhood – Beacon Hill

Tippe and Drague, Seattle
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(Last Updated On: July 22, 2019)

When visiting Seattle, there are many neighborhoods to explore!  Learn about “old Seattle” in Pioneer Square.  Discover the most delicious food in Fremont. Stay in the trendy neighborhood of Capitol Hill.  Or go full on tourist mode and stay in the heart of downtown.  But there is another neighborhood in Seattle making itself known – Beacon Hill.

While on my travel nursing assignment in Seattle I lived in north Beacon Hill.  A few miles south of the city but still easily accessible by train, Beacon Hill is a flourishing neighborhood and one that I am sure is going to be the next “place to be”.  Beacon Hill is family friendly, quiet, but still its own has charming neighborhood gems. While I wouldn’t recommend staying in Beacon Hill, I do recommend coming for the afternoon to see what it is all about.



The greatest part about Beacon Hill, and the reason I believe it will be the next hot spot, is because the link light rail makes a stop right in the north part of the neighborhood.  You can easily access it from most parts of Seattle all times of the day giving you no excuse not to visit.


The Gems of Beacon Hill


Tippe and Drague Alehouse

Tippe and Drague Alehouse

Being in Tippe and Drague is like being transported back in time.  I first fell in love with this little red alehouse when I was running through the neighborhood and saw a man wearing a top hat and overalls cleaning the outside of the building while standing on a ladder.  When I finally went to check it out, I wasn’t disappointed.  While I would not recommend eating here, they have awesome beers rotating through the menu.  Come in; grab a seat at the bar or on their patio.  Or better yet, come on a Tuesday to participate in trivia.  $2 cash at the door, winner takes home cash, loser takes home beer.  Win, win.



A twist on Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food, Homer is one for the books.  Not only do they have delicious meat plates, please for the love of God try the lamb ragu, but I was also impressed by the amount of vegetarian dishes.  Not one to go for veggies while out to dinner, I would not pass up the carrots if I were you.  The icing on the cake is that this cozy neighborhood restaurant serves soft serve ice cream out the side window!


Bar Del Corso

A quaint Italian restaurant and a “don’t miss” in the heart of Beacon Hill.  Feast on small plates or a pizza cooked in a burning oven.  Apart from being in Beacon Hill this Italian restaurant is good enough to stand against some of the better restaurants in Seattle.


Taco Chukis

Simple, mouth-watering Mexican food, Taco Chukis does not disappoint.  An authentic flair on traditional Mexican, these no frills tacos come cheap but you wouldn’t know it.


Perihelion Brewery

Beer at Perihelion Brewery

Beacon Hill’s very own brewery, Perihelion sits right next to the light rail.  While I would go to Tippe and Drague for beer, I would go to Perihelion for their elevated bar food.  Dive into the fried brussel sprouts; your life will be forever changed.


Fresh Flours Bakery & Cafe

Also located right next to the light rail, Fresh Flours is my favorite bakery/coffee shop in Beacon Hill.  With an assortment of treats to choose from (personal fave twice baked almond croissant HEY!), get it to go or sit in the bustling coffee shop to people watch.


Victrola Coffee Roasters

Victrola Beacon Hill

Also a favorite of mine, Victrola coffee shop sits on the main road, Beacon Ave.  While I enjoy Fresh Flours for their baked good, I enjoy Victrola for their atmosphere.  When I need to get away for the day, I pack a bag and head here.


As of now, Beacon Hill is mostly residential.  With the light rail stop in north Beacon Hill, this blossoming neighborhood will thrive.  There are already new restaurants set to open and plans to bring in crowds by new shopping centers.  Check it out before it becomes too crowded.



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