Staying at the Nobu Hotel in Cabo

Nobu Hotel Cabo
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KNOCK-KNOCK-KNOCK.  “Excuse me?  I have dessert for you”.

From the moment that I stepped out of the taxi and onto the hotel property, I knew that I had made the right choice when choosing to stay at the Nobu Hotel in Cabo.  As my taxi pulled up the staff greeted me with big smiles.  They opened my door, took my luggage right from my hand, and guided me into the minimalistic, sleek, and airy hotel lobby promising that my luggage would arrive in my room shortly.  After signing a few papers I was swept swiftly away and delivered to my room where my luggage awaited me.  I opened my balcony doors, stepped out into the sun, and looked at the palm trees, pool, and beach laid out before me.  Only having arrived minutes ago and I already knew that I had made the right choice choosing Nobu.


Checking in:  Nobu Hotel, Cabo

girl in cabana wearing purple swimsuit coverup

With Cabo being such an easy destination for Americans (especially on the west coast) to travel to, the city sees its fair share of tourists.  Add in blue waters, sandy beaches, and an average of 360 days of sunshine per year and you can bet that people are pouring in year around.  It’s a competitive market for hotels with luxury and ease being at the core of each hotel along the coast.  So what makes Nobu so special?

Located on the southwestern tip of the peninsula, Nobu is a 30-minute drive from the town of Cabo San Lucas.  As you drive away from the chaos you feel as though you’re entering into a life of luxury.  And with each checkpoint, you pass you only feel safer and safer as you inch towards the hotel.  Once you arrive the sleek and modern design will blow you away.  With walls and structures adorned in whites, greys, and beiges this aesthetically pleasing hotel is the perfect backdrop as you walk throughout the property.


The Rooms

sleek white entrance of nobu hotel

The rooms at Nobu Hotel, Cabo San Lucas are just as sleek and aesthetically pleasing as the outside of the hotel.  White-tiled floors lead you across the room out onto the balcony.  With a rain shower overhead and a tub big enough to relax in, the bathroom gives you plenty of space to spread your stuff out while not feeling cramped or cluttered.  And those are just the basic rooms!  If you’re really looking to splurge you can upgrade to a suite with options of a private pool, ocean view, and more.

Whichever room you choose, I highly recommend upgrading to a room with an ocean view!



girl walking in purple dress amongst giant palm trees

The amenities at Nobu Hotel in Cabo San Lucas are superb.  With hot tubs and pools scattered throughout the property you can also head to the beach and relax there (please note that the rough waters in this part of Cabo are NOT ideal for swimming).  There are bonfire pits and tables for dinner on the beach.  There’s a spa, gym, and even a butler service.  My favorite amenity was just the gift of “yes”.  Anything you asked for was yours – a taxi in 10-minutes?  Yes.  Someone to come to the room and make margaritas before going out?  Yes.  A wine glass?  Yes – red or white?  Feeling “waited on” was the best amenity of all.



With Nobu being further away from the town of Cabo San Lucas than some of the other hotels I was quite pleased to find that we didn’t actually need to leave the property for any reason.  Although we chose to leave the property to experience other areas of Cabo, the restaurants at Nobu were by far some of the best restaurants I’ve ever eaten at.



Of course, the Nobu Hotel was created after the Nobu restaurant so it makes sense that Nobu would be on the property.  The Nobu restaurant is a beautiful and romantic space overlooking the ocean.  You can reserve a table indoors, outdoors, or head to the lively indoor bar as well.  If you’re craving seafood it is definitely a restaurant you’ll want to make a reservation at.  I highly recommend ordering the black cod miso and rock shrimp.



Eerily similar and yet quite the opposite of Nobu is Ardea Steakhouse.  With the same great service you receive at Nobu, Ardea is a lively indoor steakhouse with a DJ making it a fun and fast-paced environment.  You’re served small plates before your food arrives, but don’t fill up.  The food at Ardea was divine.  I highly recommend the steak tartar, duck, and salmon dish.



octopus on guacamole

The Pacific Restaurant is much more laid back than Nobu and Ardea, but nonetheless, incredible.  It’s a “fine-dining” Mexican restaurant completely outdoors near the pool.  There is live music and a laid-back vibe, but the service isn’t compromised.  I highly recommend trying the duck tacos and fried octopus with guacamole (trust me).



malibu farm restaurant in cabo

Of course, there’s a breakfast restaurant on the property too.  Malibu Farm is an airy, beachy yet sophisticated, indoor/outdoor restaurant with views of the ocean.  It’s sustainably sourced farm-to-table food and aside from breakfast, they serve dinner as well.


And the dessert?

As I opened the door to find a staff member wheeling in surprise dessert (carrot cake from Ardea Steakhouse), I realized that impeccable service was at the core of what the staff at Nobu Cabo do best.  My friend Brie and I had found ourselves outside of Ardea professing our love for the restaurant to the manager and telling him that we were so sad that we were too full for dessert.  Immediately once we were back in our room, cozy in robes, he had sent someone up to deliver dessert.  He must’ve realized that (once my tight-fitting pants were off) we would’ve regretted not trying the dessert before leaving.  And he was right.


Impeccable service is at the core of Nobu and the staff at Nobu Cabo do it best.  Without compromise, they had zeroed in on my interests and made sure my stay was enjoyable.  To the staff at Nobu Hotel Cabo, THANK YOU.  And to anyone reading this trying to decide where to stay in Cabo, I highly recommend this incredible hotel.


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