The Best Countries in Europe for Solo Female Travelers

european countries for solo female travelers
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As a die-hard fan of solo female travel, I’ve spent years traversing across Europe all by myself.  I’ve traveled from west to east as I discovered the beauty and complete underratedness of Eastern Europe; and north to south as I chased the Northern Lights and partied on the Meditteranean.

What I’ve figured out during my solo travels, is that not every country is created equally when you’re choosing to visit alone.  Here are my top picks for European countries to visit as a solo female traveler based on safety, affordability, and the general amount of things to see and do.  These are all countries that I’ve extensively traveled through and instead of “country-hopping”, I’d really encourage you to slow down and take your time exploring each individual country in depth.  I hope you fall in love with each country as much as I did!


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10+ European Countries Every Solo Female Traveler Should Spend Time in


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1.  Albania

Albanian Alps

Never have I ever visited a country where I met so many solo travelers or ex-pats.  Albania is full of people traveling around the country, hopping from one hostel to the next.  I’m not one to usually stay in a hostel, but Albania was a different story.  With affordable hostels, the general affordability of the country, and the number of solo travelers I met along the way, Albania is one of my top recommendations for solo female travelers.


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2.  Austria


Austria is a beautiful (and clean!) country located in central Europe.  It’s a bit more expensive, but there are a lot of adventures to have in Austria and incredible small towns to slow down in.  Not to mention, Austria has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe.  If you plan to venture to Austria, start in Vienna (Austria’s capital) before making your way to smaller towns such as Salzburg and Hallstatt.


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3.  Belgium


One of the most underrated countries in Europe (seriously, why don’t more people visit Belgium?) – Belgium is an incredible place for solo female travelers!  The country is small and easy to see in a short amount of time.  Train travel is easy and affordable allowing you to skip from one quaint town to the next.  And each destination you arrive at in Belgium is sure to take your breath away.  It’s the perfect mix of adventure and slow travel to keep travelers entertained but rested.


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4.  Georgia


Georgia is hands down, my favorite country I’ve ever visited in the entire world.  The culture is unmatched, the food is divine, it’s affordable, and the people are some of the kindest, friendliest, most welcoming people in the world.  I spent a month solo traveling through the country from the capital of Tbilisi to the mountains in Svaneti.  It was a once-in-a-lifetime trip and if I can encourage you to go anywhere – Georgia would be it.


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5.  Italy


Italy isn’t just a romantic country for couples, it’s also an incredible place to solo travel!  Italy is full of incredible food (stuff yourself with pasta and pizza as you move from city to city), the world’s best wine, and it also happens to be one of the easiest countries to get around!  Accessing the train in Italy is easy plus there are bullet trains that can get you from city to city in a short amount of time allowing you to see a ton of the country.

I spent three weeks in Italy moving from south to north and I never once tired of the beautiful Italian architecture, countryside, or the food and wine.


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6.  North Macedonia


North Macedonia is the second country from the Balkans on this list (the first was Albania), and it’s for good reason!  The Balkan countries are incredibly cheap and full of solo travelers navigating country to country.  The Balkans have a rich history but are also incredibly diverse.

North Macedonia is one of my favorite Balkan countries.  It’s rugged and raw, affordable, and the locals are incredibly kind.  The country doesn’t see a whole lot of tourists so you can expect fewer crowds than other countries on this list.


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7.  Romania


Romania is one of the most beautiful and underrated countries I’ve traveled solo to.  There’s so much to see from the Wallachia region to the Transylvania region.  Learn the legend of Dracula, drink Romanian wine, and hike through the mountains as you make your way through one of the most diverse countries in Europe.  Aside from the sheer amount of things there are to see and do in Romania, the country is also affordable!  You can spend a fraction of your money in Romania than you would if you visited a western country.

If you do plan to travel solo to Romania, I highly recommend a road trip.  The roads in Romania are well-paved (mostly) and easy to navigate.


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8.  Spain


Spain.  One of the most visited countries in Europe by Americans – and for good reason.  Spanish culture is tied with Georgia for my favorite cultures in the world.  The people in Spain value fun and their free time.  They frequently shut down businesses during the day and siesta for a few hours before heading out late at night for a fun, tapas-filled dinner.  While I’ve visited many different areas throughout Spain, I have a special place in my heart for Southern Spain.  The weather is beautiful.  The people are kind.  And the area is just downright fun!  Especially if you’re a solo traveler.


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9.  The Baltics – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania


The Baltic Countries are located in Northeastern Europe and are made up of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.  Each of the three countries has similar histories but is all wildly different.  I think that all three countries are worth a visit and are best when grouped together.  Start in the south exploring Lithuania’s capital Vilnius.  Before moving north to Latvia to see Riga and Kuldiga, and finally finishing your trip in the capital of Estonia – Tallinn (which also happens to be one of the best-preserved medieval towns in all of Europe).  The Baltic countries are affordable and easy to get from one to the next.


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10.  The UK – England & Scotland

Redding, England

If you’re new to solo travel, then perhaps the UK is a good place to start.  Not only are England, Scotland, and Ireland some of the most beautiful countries in the world (so green), but they are easy to navigate, and there is no language barrier.  While driving on the wrong side of the road might give you a scare, these three countries are a great starting point to kick off a European adventure.  (The proximity to the US makes them a gateway to Europe and an ideal place to begin).


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I’ve made it my mission to visit every country (in-depth) in Europe.  While I still have many to go, the ones that were just listed are some of the best for traveling as a solo female traveler.  I hope that my list urged you to get out there and explore and perhaps even gave you some new ideas for countries to visit.  If you have any other favorite countries for solo female travelers, let me know in the comments below!


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