10 of the Best Cities in Europe for Solo Travelers

10 of the Best Cities in Europe for Solo Travelers
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Europe (in its entirety) is my love language.  I’m convinced that I should have been born in Europe (any country really), and am constantly trying to devise a way to move there; when I’m not traveling there.  Which I’m doing a lot.  Solo.  So really, solo travel through Europe is my love language.

I love that each country feels so different, they all have different histories, customs, and traditions.  And although they are so close together, they feel worlds away.  France has a completely different feel than Germany… and they border each other!  And don’t get me started on quaint small towns, cobblestone streets, and the fact that wine is generally cheaper than water.  (And when it isn’t, it’s sure cheaper than anything you could get in America).  It all just feels so… right.  So very European.

I’ve now traveled solo to 24 different European countries and have made it a point to explore each in depth (versus just scratching the surface).  And while I plan to eventually tick every country in Europe off of my bucket list, until then I’ve come up with list of 10 of my favorite European cities for solo travelers from the countries I’ve gotten to explore thus far.


10 European Cities Every Solo Traveler Should Visit


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1.  Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is one of my favorite cities I’ve visited, made even sweeter by the fact that it’s a bit more off the beaten path.  A city that might not first cross your mind when you think about traveling solo, but don’t let that deter you.  There are so many fun and interesting things to do in Budapest, and not to mention the history! Next time you’re planning a solo European escapade… don’t miss out on the capital of Hungary.

Favorite thing to do in Budapest solo:  Join a free walking tour!  I’ve been on free walking tours in nearly every city I visit and the tour in Budapest is hands down, the best.  You’ll learn a lot about the city, get great recommendations, and it’s free!  Plus it’s a great way to meet other travelers.


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2.  Edinburgh, Scotland

While most travelers flock to London – don’t ignore it’s northern neighbor – Edinburgh.  Edinburgh is one of the coolest cities I’ve visited, with loads of things to see and do!  And it comes without the crowds of London so in my book – it’s a win.

Favorite thing to do in Edinburgh solo:  Eat haggis!  Combining my love of two things – dining alone and trying the traditional food wherever I’m traveling; I urge you to take yourself out to a nice meal and try the local Scottish dish of haggis.  I’m hesitant to tell you what haggis consists of, and instead urge you to just try it for yourself.  (If you do this, dine at Makars Mash Bar; the haggis is amazing!)


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3.  Gjirokaster, Albania

Not a capital city and a bit harder to get to, Gjirokaster is the place to go if you’re craving a small town adventure that is affordable, historic, and beautiful.  Aside from the town itself, one of my favorite things about Gjirokaster was staying at Stone City Hostel in the heart of old town.  It’s by far the best hostel I’ve stayed in and even rivals some hotels I’ve stayed at.  Plus it’s an easy way to meet other travelers and make some friends while exploring Albania.

Favorite thing to do in Gjirokaster solo:  Tour the Skenduli House to learn about Albanian history.  This traditional Ottoman-style house was turned into a museum to teach people about what it was like to live as a traditional family in Albania in the 1800s.  It’s a truly fascinating museum and great way to pass the afternoon.

Favorite solo stay in Gjirokaster:  Stone City Hostel – for the incredible owners, location, and the chance to meet other solo travelers.


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4.  Ljubljana, Slovenia

If you’re looking for a vastly underrated capital to explore – Ljubljana should be high on your list.  The greatest part about traveling solo in Ljubljana is the sheer beauty of the city and the ability to sit at a number of outdoor cafes appreciating Slovenian life and culture at a slow pace.

Favorite thing to do in Ljubljana solo:  Take a day trip to the beautiful region of Lake Bled.  Lake Bled is easily reachable by bus from Ljubljana and even if you only have an afternoon, it’s a wonderful way to spend your day.  Take a quick walk around the lake before heading back to Ljubljana for the night.


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5.  Paris, France

You might think of Paris as a romantic city, a place you should travel with your partner – and it is!  But there’s no better way to treat yourself and fall in love with yourself than in the city of love.  I urge you to break societal norms and venture to Paris solo – there’s nothing more enchanting than a solo trip to Paris.  Trust me.

Favorite thing to do in Paris solo:  Sit outside at a café with a glass of wine and a pastry, people watching, reading, and just slowing down.  Paris is such a beautiful city and there’s no better way to take it all in than to grab a pastry and just slow down.  The cherry on top is watching all of the chic French women walk by!

Favorite solo stay in Paris:  Hotel 9Confidentiel for its amazing location in the Marais.


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6.  Riga, Latvia

Riga was a city that truly surprised me.  I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did, nor did I expect there to be much to see and do!  From the food scene to the beer scene, there’s so much going on in Riga and so much life to the city.  Plus, it’s a great place to start if you’re interested in exploring the Baltic states.

Favorite thing to do in Riga solo:  Visiting a traditional Latvian spa!  Latvia is all about the spa life and has a really unique way of doing things.  Let’s just say you’ll be piping hot one minute and freezing cold the next as your master spanks you with branches.  It’s an interesting and unique experience to say the least!


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7.  Rome, Italy

If you’re new to solo travel or haven’t tried it but want to, Rome is an excellent city to begin with.  Not only is Rome easy to manage and get around, but you could spend hours simply walking around without getting bored.  Add on historic sites like the Roman Colosseum and The Vatican and you can keep yourself entertained for days!

Favorite thing to do in Rome solo:  Rome is such an interesting and historic city; my favorite thing to do when visiting is to just walk around admiring all of the historic sites.  Walking outside in Rome is like walking through a museum – it’s truly unlike anywhere I’ve ever been before.

Favorite solo stay in Rome:  The Hoxton Rome – For its unique design and great location.


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8.  Seville, Spain

Seville is one of the most fun and vibrant cities in Spain.  It’s great as a solo traveler because it’s small enough that it feels manageable, but of course – there is still tons to do!  Plus being in the south of Spain, the weather is great year-round.  Seville would be a great option if you’re looking for something a bit different during the off season.

Favorite thing to do in Seville solo:  Take a food tour!  The food in Seville is to die for and what better way to experience it than going on a food tour with a local?  I did this while solo in Seville and not only was it a great way to try many different tapas bars, but it was also a great way to meet people!


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9.  Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is continuously regarded as the best preserved medieval town in all of Europe, which makes it a fascinating city to visit.  Aside from its medieval old town, there’s also the hipster neighborhood of Telliskivi outside the old city, allowing you to experience two different types of travel experiences at once.

Favorite thing to do in Tallinn solo:  Have a medieval experience in Tallinn’s old town at Restoran Olde Hansa.  Not only will dining at Olde Hansa allow you to taste traditional Estonian food, but you’ll also get a sense of what it was like during the medieval ages.  This restaurant was built with the desire to pay homage to the customs of the past, and I think they did a pretty good job if I do say so myself.

Favorite solo stay in Tallinn:  Bob W Telliskivi – I love the Telliskivi neighborhood, located just out of old town; and I love that Bob W is more of an apartment than a hotel.


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10.  Tbilisi, Georgia

From the moment I traveled to Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia blew me out of the water.  I had no idea how kind and caring the people of Georgia were until I visited Tbilisi.  I also had no idea how amazing Georgian food was or how fascinating the history of Georgia is.  Plus, being the birthplace of wine – you truly can’t go wrong.  Tbilisi is a great, off the beaten path destination, that attracts tons of travelers.

Favorite thing to do in Tbilisi solo:  Take a sulfur bath – yes, it smells as bad as it sounds.  Tbilisi is rich in customs and traditions and taking a sulfur bath in the heart of the city is no exception.  Just make sure to add on the “scrub” for a true Georgian experience.

Favorite solo stay in Tbilisi:  Rooms Hotel Tbilisi – for its design, incredible restaurants nearby, and overall location.


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As I mentioned earlier, solo travel through Europe is my love language.  While this list gives you a good jumping off point to exploring this fascinating continent, I hope that you don’t stop there.


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