Visiting the Lake District

Derwent Water, Keswick
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(Last Updated On: November 15, 2018)

Visiting the Lake District was a much needed, relaxing break for me.  I had just come to England a week prior and had hit the ground running ever since my arrival.  I had traveled 24-hours from my hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, to arrive in London only to immediately hop on a train to Reading.  In the span of one week I visited Oxford, Bath, the ever so dreamy Cotswolds, and York.  Not to mention renting a car (truck) and driving on the opposite side of the road for my first time ever.  I was finally able to slow down and take it all in, in the beautiful Lake District.

Lake Derwent, Keswick

Arriving to the Lake District…

As I left the medieval town of York and drove northwest into the Lake District, I was feeling hopeful and optimistic.  I was finally going to get to experience a taste of the English countryside that I had heard people rave about for so long.  As I drove over the rolling hills I saw nothing but lush grass, blue skies, and road in front of me.  I was now aware why I had heard over and over that, “The Lake District might be one of the prettiest places in England.”

The Lake District lies in county Cumbria.  Since 2017, it’s been an UNESCO World Heritage Site spanning 912 square miles. I made my way to the northern part of the district – Keswick, Cumbria; where I would spend 48-hours exploring the town.

Keswick is stunning. On one hand you have intertwining cobblestone streets, old buildings, and a market center.  People mulling around going about their daily lives stopping to speak with friends. Pubs full of cheery chaps buying another round of beer.  And restaurants packed of people laughing and smiling.  On the other hand you can quickly move out of the center of town and be instantly surrounded by hills and water.  With Derwent Water just a few minutes walk away, you’ll come upon people throwing sticks to their dogs, relaxing on park benches, and breathing in the fresh air.

Keswick, Cumbria

Why I wouldn’t go back…

All in all I am glad that I made a stop in the Lake District.  It was absolutely beautiful and nice to unwind, relax, and catch my breath.  However, I don’t think that I will ever go back.  To me, it’s an adventure location for people who love to hike and be in nature.  Not exactly my cup of tea – but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t your cup of tea.  For those of you planning a visit to England, if you love nature and you want some peace and quiet away from the tourist attractions that London, York, and Bath offers… you won’t be disappointed by the Lake District.


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